viernes, mayo 30

Mugatu said: "Hoy es viernes"

Que mas?, hoy ahí que salir y cantar o dormir y cenar, a Mugatu no le molestar hacer ninguno de los dos, Mugatu te saco con Lucy si hoy se deciden a no hablar.

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Mirez dijo...

Try portrait this pic, would be nicer =p as in vertical shot.

I know u're a kid. Only 16 ryt? but already itchy with a camera and photoshop. And i really admire dat =)
Too bad you cant teach me here, would be very useful for me to learn from you photoshop =(

Thnx, I'll try get down to the beach to tke a few shots for you =) BTW, I'm in Brunei Darussalam. Its a really small country in Asia. Most likely u wont see it on the map. LOL.

Do u hv msn? maybe we can tok more =)