jueves, mayo 29

Mugatu said: "te veo"

Te veo aunque no te quiera ver mas, te veo aunque verte me enferme mas, te veo por que estas demasiado cerca, te veo por que no te vas, te veo por que me quieres lastimar, te veo por que vos seguís acá, te veo por que quiero llorar.

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Mirez dijo...

You are welcome =) & thanx, you seem to do well with ur lumix digicam. I like your perspective in your shots but I LOVE your photoshoping skills more. I wish you could teach me.. =(

By the way, it doesnt matter if our english is not good. As long as we can communicate its no problemo. I dun have a photoblog, so I will just comment here =)

Hope to see more shots from you. Have a nice day ^.^